Kseniya Simonova - Sand Animation

"An artist is one who can, with their body of work, penetrate your soul without your consent."

                                                                                                                                      -E. César

Ladies, we heard you...

There is no question or stone that goes unturned.

Whether it was while at 83rdAnomaly or through our site, we wanted to say that we heard your questions loud and clear.

Many of our female customers would often ask us when Convoluted Construct would come out with female cuts.

And we would like to announce that female cuts will now be available for all of our apparel starting with our current S/S 2014 #ConvolutedBlack Collection.

Please check out the different shirts available in our shop and let us know what you think.

We look forward to your comments and suggestions; If we didn't we wouldn't be talking about the once suggested female cuts now would we?

#CNPM Challenge

Since 1996,

April has been recognized as National Poetry Month amongst the Academy of American poets. Therefore, in commemoration, we at Convoluted Construct (who appreciate all arts) will be partaking in the 30-day poetry challenge. And we invite you all (poets and non poets) to attempt the challenge.

The 30 Day Poetry Challenge:

The objective is to challenge oneself to compose at least one original poem for every day in April. However, we have added a twist to the challenge. It wouldn't be "Convoluted" if we didn't.

The "Convoluted" Twist:

The twist is that for anyone choosing to participate in our challenge must:

First, share our Instagram/Twitter picture of the day displaying our latest artwork product.

Next, caption the picture with your poem ensuring it is tailored to the title of the posted picture.


If you do not wish to participate in the challenge, but are moved by any of our posts then we encourage all to repost and share with others.

And lastly, we ask that in either of the two options please use the following tags for potential rewards throughout the month:

#CNPM {Convoluted's National Poetry Month]

or #ConvolutedBlack.


Here are some other cool ways to honor the art of poetry in its month:

30 ways to to celebrate Poetry Month:

If you're from the NYC area, get your work published in the NYMetro:

Convoluted Black?

"Convoluted Black"


Black is synonymous with darkness. Very often Black is characterized as negative. That being said, it is attributed to a state of anarchy or the end.

This very sentiment is the motivation behind Convoluted Construct’s collection of “Convoluted Black”.

The collection is to showcase that by manipulating one’s own perception of Black, one is capable of realizing the duality of Black. One can then see the other, more positive, side to Black; A side which allows one to see past Black simply being the end. Instead, one is able to visualize Black as the calm within nothingness which allows refocus; not as the end but rather onto a new beginning.

For much of this collection, Black is the backdrop in an attempt to illustrate that it does not only devour colors. But by providing such a stark contrast it can highlight colors ever so vibrantly. The line work and shapes are also heightened, becoming more prominent and making for more brilliant images.

The collection is an invitation; an invitation to the viewer on a journey of discovery. A journey discovering the light in darkness, the beauty in Black and ultimately understanding that Black is not the end but rather much like the future; it is Convoluted.

Welcome Back...

Throughout the years, since our inception, we at ConvoCon have heard, read and earnestly considered many of our followers' suggestions for potential products and services. Therefore, within the course of the past couple of months the brand has took heed and shall be offering a host of new products and services. We hope that you, our avid followers, are as enthusiastic and excited about what is in stored; just as much as we are.

The changes are as follows:

1. Management:

The company has currently been restructured and is under new leadership.

2. Website's Header Tabs:

We have recreated the website, making it more lean and the navigation more autonomous.

  • A. Shop:
    • The Shop is the shop. It consists of our various collections where one can click into and see what is available for purchase within the respective collection.
  • B. Vision:
    • Expresses how we came to be and where we plan to go.
  • C. Blog:
    • One of the services that we now offer is the blog; where our followers can periodically check for brand, events and promotional updates.
  • D. Press:
    • The "Press" tab displays the different publications, both printed and viral, that have featured our brand.

3. Unlimited Product Line

In our years in business, we realized that by limiting the number of manufactured products, in an attempt to preserve the integrity of our unique art pieces, we were inadvertently stifling buyers. In turn, we have slightly restructured our manufacturing plan to create an unlimited product line which corresponds to their respective volume's limited product line.

4. Females cuts:

We have officially added female cuts and products to our collections. We heard you all loud and clear. We would like to thank you for continuously supporting us as you patiently waited.

Please check in next week as we discuss our new and current collection "Convoluted Black" along with the various limited time discounts and rewards you will be able to redeem.